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CARE 24 / 365

There's more.

In addition to serving only clients of Care Management Companies...

We provide only long-term, 24-hour home care solutions. We do not offer short-term or "hourly" care.

We provide only fully personalized Care Teams by custom-recruiting each team member for every client.

We serve only nine clients at a time. (You read it right. We will never accept a tenth client.)

We have a California HCO License, and we deliver superior home care anywhere in the state.

Care. The way it can be.

We've delivered more than 250,000 hours of excellent home care.

We've performed all kinds of care, from 30 minutes a week to 24 hours a day.

We've done all of this work essentially free from any significantly negative outcome.

We discovered that we have a superpower!

We excel at understanding challenging situations and at applying our unique skills and processes to address them.

CARE 24 / 365

There's power in focus.
Why try to be all things to all people when we can focus solely on delivering the kind of care we're passionate about?

We're Focused.

The Old Model
Hire caregivers.
match them to clients.

Home care experts agree that so-called "matching" is the key to great home care.

So why do home care agencies hire caregivers first, and then try to match them to clients?

We Flipped the Model.

Fully Custom-Recruited Care Teams for Your 24-Hour Clients

Imagine a Care Team built for your client.

Each of your clients is unique, with their personality, temperament, quirks, challenges, wants, and needs.

Your clients engaged you to assure the safety and well-being of somebody they love.

Their home care should be as personalized as they are unique.

Care 24 / 365 pioneered completely custom-tailored non-medical in-home care.

Our Model
know the client. Hire for Them. the pioneers in fully personalized home care.

We go home proud of our work every day.

We begin with the client, not the caregiver.

How We Do It

We start with your company's Assessment and Care Plan.

We agree on goals.

We define the dream team.

We craft personalized job descriptions and job postings.

We pre-screen applicants.

We interview the standouts.

And we curate the team.

We don't stop there.

We use your ongoing
feedback to drive refinement.

Care. The way it should be.

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